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Support forum for the WoA Installer / .NET framework error on install
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:28:50 PM »
As I have just started vatsim I have been trying to use the world of AI for model matching in vpilot. The only problem is that I can't install or manual install any package! Whenever I tell the installer to install the packages it comes up with a .NET framework error. A similar problem I found here: The thing is that I AM using windows XP service pack 3 on the admin account (only account on there) and I cannot proceed. My next step is to try to force windows XP to run the installer as admin and if that doesn't work then I need major help. My windows is a fresh install installed 1 week ago Saturday and I already have the .net framework 2 as I needed it to install one of my add on aircraft property with its nav db. Please get back to me able.
Kind Regards

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