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How to run WOAI
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Just wanted to let the administrators of WOAI, that most of us want are frustrated and want to run the site too (not just you), we are tired of having WOAI packages out of date. Also having excuses for the WOAI that some packages need permission. What permission?!?!. Like Delta Connection, it was here years ago but now they say they need approval. Also, you saying that you are working on them, but that work doesn't take years. If I knew how to post packages I would post it again since I know how to manually install the Delta Connection. I get we are in the holidays right now, but there should be a document or someway for you to teach us how to manage stuff around. There are still packages that haven't been updated since 2006! that is 11 years ago (almost 12 years ago). What the Heck?. I would love to update airlines like American Airlines, Qatar, Lufthansa, etc, their fleets have changed and for others to add airlines that are not there. But there is no button to upload it to. I love these liveries they are way better than other sites that have them. I know that the administrators see all the post, but they refuse to respond to them since they have nothing to say. We, the Peoples, want to learn how to post packages without your approval (Administrators or creators). To also teach us the way it is made

Please make a way to teach us!

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Re: How to run WOAI
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Is someone already going to update out of date packages?!?! Wait I am sorry but there is no upload button to World of AI so I can't.